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Our Story

As a child, our founder Nicholas Nastasi received intravenous therapy which was a traumatic experience for him. He thought he was being hooked up to an alien like device which gave a bad conception of his care. Nicholas decided to change the way this device had to look by creating Medical Grade IV Bag Stickers with friendly images. Nicholas wanted to further support patients so the 4U Medical team added a QR Code to each sticker that leads to patient resources in a customized Patient Resource Hub.


Patients of all ages are supported with our Patient Facing Software Solutions that can be accessed at the point of care!

Meet The Executive Team

Nicholas has lead our company since the beginning. He received his Bachelors Degree from Rowan University in Business Management and is now pursuing his Masters of Business Administration. 

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Joshua focused his degree in Biomedical Engineering at Rowan University. He collaborates with his Biomedical Engineering Professors, who have all launched successful medical devices and/or drug discovery, to develop our product.

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4U Advisory Team

4U Medical Designs is guided by some of the best healthcare professionals within the field. Together, we improve patient care & safety within the walls of hospitals, treatment centers and continued care. Get to know our advisors below.

Amanda Basso - Shurtz, MBA, MSN, RN

Regional Hospital CEO

Amanda has spent 30 years in the Hospital/Healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse, and earned her Masters in Business. 

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“4U Medical Designs IV Bag stickers offer an innovative and compassionate design choice for patients during their care as a way to brighten up the room with visual therapeutic designs.   The QR Code on the sticker offers supply resources & information to patients in real time while offering interaction analytics for the hospital. As a hospital administrator I appreciate the value of knowing how many patients are using this resource to educate themselves. Supporting patients and educating them during the care is valuable to improve patient safety & experience."

Daniel Wright, MHA, BSN, RN, NE-BC

Chief Nurse Executive

Dan has more than 19 years of combined leadership experience with positive patient outcomes and colleague engagement. He served in various nurse executive roles including Chief Nursing Officer in MetroWest Boston and as a system Chief Nursing Officer in New York. He currently is the Chief Nursing Officer at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital.

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"I am excited to see the compassion led innovation that 4U Medical is tackling to further enhance care delivery in a patient-centered way."

Margaret Gillman, MAS, CIC, FAPIC

Director of Prevention and Infection Control

Margaret is currently the Director of Infection Prevention and Control at a prominent children's hospital. She has over 11 years of experience within infection prevention and control, is certified in Infection Control (CIC), has experience with TheraDoc, ICON, NHSN, and is active in APIC. 

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"4U Medical Designs has created a product that passes through Infection Control Guidelines, while brightening the patients experience."

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Dr. Craig Loundas, Ph.D, MS

Patient Experience Leader

Dr. Craig Loundas recently retired as Associate Vice President for the Penn Medicine Experience for Penn Medicine and is currently a consultant in organizational change and culture with Fidelum Health and Cooper Medicine.

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Dr. Loundas shares, "As patients and their families navigate complex healthcare systems, products and services such as 4U Medical Design's IV bag stickers and resource hub provide a great way to connect with healthcare providers, improve the patient experience, and improve the care journey."

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Dr. Fern Kaufman, BS, MBA, PharmD

Clinical, Operational, Administrative Pharmacy Expert

Dr. Kaufman, has 30 years of experience at every level of pharmacy practice. She is a clinical, operational and administrative pharmacy expert and the founder and principle of Naufragato Clinical Consulting.

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Dr. Kaufman shares, “4U Medical Designs understands the desire for a positive patient experience while creating flexible functionality for nursing, speaking directly to the uniqueness of IV administration needs. Their product allows for complete compliance with patient safety and regulatory needs with completely adaptable applications while simultaneously achieving the goal of brightening the patient’s experience.”

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Shani (Gury) Thornton, MS, CCLS, 

Certified Child Life Specialist

Shani Thornton is a Certified Child Life Specialist who holds a Masters degree in Child Life. Her expertise lies in supporting children and families who are struggling with trauma, illness, and loss.

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Shani shares, "Receiving IV infusions can be a scary experience for kids, but 4U Medical Designs is making it easier with its creative solution. They have designed child-friendly IV stickers that include an interactive QR code, providing much-needed support during hospital stays.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Who usually applies the IV Bag sticker?
    Nurses are the most common team member that applies our stickers. Child Life Specialists also sometimes take the role as well! It depends what works best for your Hospitals operations. (Pharmacy does NOT apply our product)
  • Does this interfere with seeing the medication label?
    No, our product does not interfere with the medication label or measurements of an IV Bag! Our product ensures all information can be seen.
  • Where is your product typically stocked?
    Typically our product is stocked where the IV Bags are retrieved. Some hospitals stock our product in the Pyxis room or the Nursing station.
  • Can I select multiple designs?
    Yes, in your bundle you can mix and match a wide range of designs!
  • Are there multiple sizes?
    Yes. Some sizes we offer are 100 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL, and 1200 mL. Our 500 mL and 1000 mL are the most popular.
  • What can be linked to the QR Code?
    Anything you and your team want to supply to your patients can be connected! We can attach a direct link or multiple links to resources. We also have resources we gathered for you that we can recommend. E.g. DAISY Award Nominations, HIPAA Compliant or Anonymous Survey system, entertainment games, educational medication platforms.
  • How does the sticker get applied?
    Simply peel off the backing paper, and stick to the top of the bag!
  • Why does sanitary control approve your product?
    Sanitary control approves our product due to the 3rd party testing paperwork we supply. After usage, our product is disposed of with the IV Bag.
  • Where can the Instructions For Use (IFU) be found?
    Our Instructions For Use can be downloaded at the bottom of our homepage.



If you’d like more information about our IV Bag stickers, schedule a call below.

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