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Learn more about our Advisory Board

Read more about some of the best healthcare professionals within the field that are providing active guidance to 4U Medical Designs. 

Amanda Basso - Shurtz

  • LinkedIn

Regional Hospital CEO

Amanda has spent 30 years in the Hospital/Healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse, and earned her Masters in Business. 

Amanda has spent 30 years in the Hospital / Healthcare industry. She started her career as a nurse in a small hospital in Southern Illinois. It was there Amanda was able to begin her lifelong pursuit of helping others. Over the course of a 30 year career Amanda achieved degrees while working in the field. She is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s degree in Business. While helping patients opened the door for caring, Amanda found her true passion and calling when she began to accept leadership roles. Amanda served as a Vice President of Nursing / CNO then began serving as a Hospital President / CEO and currently is a Regional Hospital CEO. Amanda has led teams that consistently excel in patient experience, service line development, fiscal turn around, and key performance indicators. When asked how results are achieved and sustained – she always points to creating a healthy culture through leadership. Today while serving as a Regional Hospital CEO, Amanda enjoys spending time speaking with leaders about the issues and problems they face and impacting their journey by offering assessments and solutions.

“4U Medical Designs IV Bag stickers offer an innovative and compassionate design choice for patients during their care as a way to brighten up the room with visual therapeutic designs.   The QR Code on the sticker offers supply resources & information to patients in real time while offering interaction analytics for the hospital. As a hospital administrator I appreciate the value of knowing how many patients are using this resource to educate themselves. Supporting patients and educating them during the care is valuable to improve patient safety & experience."

Amanda Supports 
4U Medical Designs

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Daniel Wright

  • LinkedIn

Chief Nurse Executive

Dan has more than 19 years of combined leadership experience with positive patient outcomes and colleague engagement. He served in various nurse executive roles including Chief Nursing Officer in MetroWest Boston and as a system Chief Nursing Officer in New York. He currently is the Chief Nursing Officer at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital.

Dan received his Associate Degree in Nursing from Hondros College School of Nursing, and both his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master in Health Administration from Ohio University. He has also completed the HCA Executive Development Program where he received the EDP CNO Award in 2020.


He believes in people-centered leadership and making connections with all those he serves from caregivers, patients, and the community. His focus and passion is investing in caregivers to improve both the culture and environment for people to prosper and provide the best quality and compassionate care for the community. 

"I am excited to see the compassion led innovation that 4U Medical is tackling to further enhance care delivery in a patient-centered way."

Daniel Supports 
4U Medical Designs

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Margaret Gillman

  • LinkedIn

Director of Prevention and Infection Control

Margaret is currently the Director of Infection Prevention and Control at a prominent Children’s Hospital. She has over 11 years of experience within infection prevention and control, is Certified in Infection Control (CIC), has experience with TheraDoc, ICON, NHSN and is active in APIC. 

“4U Medical Designs has created a product that passes through Infection Control Guidelines, while brightening the patients experience.”

Margaret Supports 
4U Medical Designs

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Dr. Fern Kaufman
BS, MBA, PharmD

  • LinkedIn

Clinical, Operational, Administrative

Pharmacy Expert

Dr. Kaufman, has 30 years of experience at every level of pharmacy practice. She is a clinical, operational and administrative pharmacy expert and the founder and principle of Naufragato Clinical Consulting.

Dr. Kaufman’s experience encompasses pharmacy practice from retail, hospital and administrative as well as pharma in every demographic spanning the country. Naufragato Clinical Consulting employs an analytical hands-on methodology to align costs, operations and clinical programming delivering a message and blueprint for operationalizing redundant change across any organization, all on a contingency basis to eliminate barriers to access to all in need of sustained change.

“4U Medical Designs understands the desire for a positive patient experience while creating flexible functionality for nursing, speaking directly to the uniqueness of IV administration needs. Their product allows for complete compliance with patient safety and regulatory needs with completely adaptable applications while simultaneously achieving the goal of brightening the patient’s experience.”

Dr. Kaufman Supports 
4U Medical Designs


Dr. Craig Loundas
Ph.D, MS

  • LinkedIn

Patient Experience Leader

Dr. Craig Loundas recently retired as Associate Vice President for the Penn Medicine Experience for Penn Medicine and is currently a consultant in organizational change and culture with Fidelum Health and Cooper Medicine.

Dr. Loundas has presented nationally at Press Ganey, University Healthcare Consortium, the American Society for Training and Development, and the National Center for Healthcare Leadership. Craig holds the PhD in Adult and Organizational Development from Temple University, where his dissertation studied the impact of active learning techniques on class involvement, satisfaction and achievement.

"As patients and their families navigate complex healthcare systems, products and services such as 4U Medical Design's IV bag stickers and resource hub provide a great way to connect with healthcare providers, improve the patient experience, and improve the care journey."

Dr. Loundas Supports 
4U Medical Designs

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Shani (Gury) Thorton

  • LinkedIn

Certified Child Life Specialist

Shani Thornton is a Certified Child Life Specialist who holds a Masters degree in Child Life. Her expertise lies in supporting children and families who are struggling with trauma, illness, and loss.

Shani works with children with medical diagnoses or injuries or undergoing medical/dental treatments. She also helps those who are coping with an ill family member and families receiving palliative or hospice care. Through therapeutic play, creative arts, education, and emotional support, Shani helps children process these challenges and create a coping plan that suits their needs. She prepares children for new experiences, provides opportunities for self-expression, and teaches coping and advocacy skills. Shani also works closely with parents and caregivers to continue these healthy relationships and support their child's needs.

For over twenty years, Shani has been serving medically complex families. She holds a Bachelor's in Recreation Administration and a Master's in Child Life. She advocates bridging services outside the hospital walls and into families' homes. Shani is incredibly passionate about providing empathy and support to families as they navigate life's struggles."

"Receiving IV infusions can be a scary experience for kids, but 4U Medical Designs is making it easier with its creative solution. They have designed child-friendly IV stickers that include an interactive QR code, providing much-needed support during hospital stays.”

Shani Supports 
4U Medical Designs

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